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Ace Day Events can arrange the perfect event for you
Ace Day Events can arrange the perfect event for you

Ace Day Events will recreate the atmosphere of a day at the races giving you and your guests the opportunity to try their luck without breaking the bank.

After the initial introduction to the evening by the Ace Day Events Bookmaker we will issues race cards detailing the horses' names, trainers and previous form. It is then an individual or team decision to choose the horse they think will claim victory.

Anything can happen as the races will all be very close, keeping your guests on the edge of their seats until the horses pass the finishing post.

Once the final odds are announced and all bets placed, the races will be projected onto a large screen for all to see. Commentary for the event will be played through our PA System. Once each race is finished the bookmakers will pay out winnings and the betting booths are opened for the next race.

The race evening consists of eight horse races each having eight horses and the courses will vary from flat races to hurdles.

To give the last race of the night an extra competitive edge we will auction off horses, allowing the teams or individuals their last chance to raise the stakes and go for glory.

The race night package includes -

  • Bookmaker / Event managers
  • LCD projector screens
  • PA System
  • Race Programmes and Tote Tickets
  • 2 Tote Operators in bookmaker attire

In addition to this and to add to the overall theme of the evening, we will provide -

  • Tote Booths for placing bets
  • Bookmakers Tote Stands
  • White Picket Fencing

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